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Fabio Matthew Lanna

Lanna Contemporary Art

Lanna Contemporary stems from an idea led by founder artist & art curator Fabio Lanna that establishes the principles and values of the cultural project formed by promoting through its website and social media channels the artistic and cultural activities scene in the cities of Budapest and Rome.

The original cultural project was established and totally privately financed by Fabio in Rome in 2015 creating the on-line contemporary art magazine titled "Urban Mirrors" who’s activity was not only to report contemporary art events and interviews with artists but also co-curating exhibitions and promoting single galleries and institutional space openings in which Fabio has the editor and his young collaborator team, draw up official press releases and joined events has the official media partnership which helped engaging a growing number of readers to the magazine project and participating visitors to each single event.

After gaining such a rich cultural background experience through the years in 2019 the project was mature and ready to open its own first physical headquarters space, and in a runned down neighborhood called Pigneto in the city of Rome, it was here that Fabio saw the potential interest of the public and choose to open the cultural centre space for visual arts named Spazio Faro (lighthouse) in which, with time and constant hard work it gave the area and the local residents and beyond an identification and knowledge of partnership with the centre itself and its many daily cultural activities, stimulating interest, active participation, cultural sustainability, integrity and also pride and joy to each individuals own life.

Spazio Faro, brought bright light and hope to a disadvantaged area where it believed that the power of art could still awake, sensibilize and take a place in peoples hearts, a place where everyone was welcomed and integrated with no prejudice, a place where everyone could learn about the beauty of the visual arts and its different patchworks, a place for everyone to socialize and at the same time appreciate the world of contemporary arts together.

Spazio Faro hosted more than 27 solo and group exhibitions, workshops and book presentations in just over one year with over 6.383 visitors coming to the space, emphasizing the need to educate and approach the general public to the world of a non political free culture and open minded contemporary art scene by promoting truly talented emerging artists.

Today Lanna Contemporary, taking back its background steps and its evolution carried in over 7 years of experience, supports international artistic activities in both Budapest where it is now headquartered and in Rome, operating has reporter for gallery openings, collaborates and curates exhibitions with artists to promote their art works determining the guidelines, selection and promotion of their works.

Lanna Contemporary is also open to co-operate with unconventional art spaces, within the hospitality industry structures such has hotels, restaurants and cafe’s to expose our great portfolio of artists and their artworks.

At present the artistic direction of the project is entrusted by Fabio Lanna, whose daily active research is aimed mainly at promoting new opportunities for artists, art spaces and potential art collectors.

For any future cooperations feel free to drop us an e-mail to lannacontemporary@gmail.com or message directly Fabio on +36301397770


Fabio Lanna

Born in UK, studied and raised in Italy

Lives & works in Budapest, Hungary


Founder of Lanna Contemporary Art